Is this an accelerator or some sort of Startup Weekend?

No. It's something completely new. We've taken the best parts of those models and combined them into a customized and flexible format targeted at early-stage businesses.

What can I expect?

Evaluation - What are you doing right, and where can you improve?

Successful leaders and entrepreneurs in all industries cite insightful feedback as a vital part of building a healthy business. Our Retreat Leaders have strong reputations as experts in areas such as business development, branding, technology, sales, and many more. You could spend months or even years gathering critical feedback from various sources - feedback that will carry you through your business' formative years, but you don't have to. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to benefit from such relevant and practical insight.

Education - What can you learn that will greatly impact your business?

Ask any accomplished business leader to list out the keys to success and you're sure to find "constant learning" near the top. It's undeniable that education plays a big role in building a strong business. We will help hone your business model, supporting it with knowledge in key areas like operations, brand development, management, sales, marketing and more. Our goal is to alleviate some of the stress associated with business education by providing you with unrestricted access to the knowledge you need.

each attendee participates in an exit interview geared at defining key growth areas and setting attainable goals for the coming year.

How do I apply?

May 1st - Sep 15th

After you fill out the application form we evaluate your business status to determine if you are an ideal candidate.

If your application is accepted you progress to the Interview phase and we'll sit down with you to learn more about your business and specific needs. 

Sep 15th - Oct 23rd

Once accepted, we will give you the event preparation homework. These resources will prepare you for the event and ensure a knowledge baseline for all attendees.

What sets Launch Retreat apart is the way in which we structure the event. The schedule and goals are tailored to address your specific needs. No two retreats are ever the same.


Oct 23rd - 25th

The retreat is an intense, 3-day event designed to help you focus on your business and learn from incredible people.

Not only will you have the opportunity to work on your venture and schedule meetings with our retreat leaders, but you'll also get a chance to participate in group breakout sessions and personal strength evaluations.

Where does it happen?

Launch Retreat Lodge - NWA

Our 5,000 sq. foot lodge is nestled in the middle of the Ozark Mountains, in Arkansas and overlooks a stunning valley. While the event itself is intense, the environment couldn't be more relaxing. Enjoy an early-morning cup of coffee as you watch the mist roll in, or play pool with new friends. Featuring private attendee quarters, secluded areas for breakout sessions and an incredible theatre for group meetings, this lodge has it all.

What's the cost?

1 Attendee - $1,500
2 Attendees - $1,750

Private quarters, catered meals, beverages and alcohol, resources, training sessions and activities are included in the cost of the event. Travel to the event is not covered.

Are you ready?

Let's move your business forward, today.